EthereumMiner - Affordable plug-and-play Ethereum Miners (mining rigs)
People see Ethereum as the sucessor of Bitcoin. A cryptocurrency with envolved software. Mining Ethereum is verry profitable, we offer solutions for people that don't want or can build there own mining rigs. Our ethereum miners are affordable and stable for 24/7 mining.

Plug-and-play ethereuming mining
Our ethereum miners are developed so they can be managed by anybody and can run 24/7 without looking back. Once connected to the network and power supply the miner will start mining. 

Average ROI less then 2 months
Because the price of ethereum has rise the last few months the ROI of our miners got a lot shorter. There not is a possibility that the ROI of the miner you buy is less then 2 months! The real ROI can not be calculated due the changing price and difficilty of mining.


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